Why are my knees darker than the rest of my legs?

My knees and elbows are darker than the rest of my body. I don't know why and how to fix it. When I go to school I feel as though people are laughing at me that's why i never where skirts or shorts even during basketball I hate wearing the shorts. Can some one please help me because i don't want to spend the rest of my junior high feeling embarrassed.


Dont be embarrassed. This is the case with several diffent people from white white to black black ( : the skin is darker b/c there is more skin in that particular area. It is a form of protection in case you fall and scratch that area. it goes the same for elbows and the soles of your feet. If you are really concerned about it, you can rub lemon juice on the area for a few weeks and it tends to lighten it up some, but I would care what people had to say about it. You are probably just over paranoid. ( : Show those beautiful legs. If someone wants to say something, tell them they can kiss your perfect ***! Lmao!


Everyone's knees and elbows are like that! If you're really worried, fake tan the rest of your body, or apply a foundation which is the same colour as most of your skin to your knees and elbows. Also, apply sun cream to them so the rest of you tans.


Have you tried exfoliating those areas? I think vitamin E oil can help alittle, drinking lots of water, and keeping those areas moisturized can help. Also i've heard rubbing lemon on those areas can help lighten them, but don't go in the sun after that, and always wear sun protection. But you must have patients because doing that can take a long time,


Most people are like that I have that and to make matters worse I have scars on my knees so dark scarred knees what you can is moisturize your knees more try some like scrubs because they remove dead skin cells which make your colour darker.

Good Luck and it's nothing to be embarrassed about! Try hairy legs now that's something to be embarrassed about!


It could be that your skin is dryer on these areas which makes them appear darker than the rest of the skin. These areas tend to get the driest along with the backs of the feet so it is important to exfoliate well and moisturise every day to keep them soft and subtle. A little trick also is to take a lemon and cut in half and run over the dry areas and rinse although avoid this if you have cracked skin as this may cause irritation.