Different jobs in the tattoo industry?

I really love the tattoo culture and everything about tattooing but I am not very artistic. I was wondering if there were any other jobs in the tattoo industry apart from being an artist and how much they pay?


Most shops are small operations where the artists also do their own bookings, take out trash, and order needles, etc. The "glamour" shops with a "shop manager" grunt are the exception.

But yes there are other things you can do.

You could own the shop and take your cut from the artists work.

You could become a piercer.

If you are mechanical you design tattoo machines, power supplies (if you are electrical), or even needles.

Chemistry interest you? New inks are waiting to be created.


I rele dont know


Designing tattoos

Or opening a shop

Actually doing the tattoos on people


I don't think there would be many as artists usually own their own shops and get involved in a bit of everything. You could be a piercer, which is obviously way less artistic and is something that you can actually learn, as opposed to being an artist which you can't really be taught. You should still try though, as the first stages of the tattoo are just tracing the image, so if you can teach yourself how to illustrat and copy then you might get some good skills, you just wouldn't be able to design the images yourself without artistic talent. Just keep copying images from magazines and get some books on drawing techiniques. Or if you are just looking for any old minimum wage job then being the receptionist and helper is pretty much all you can expect. If you were to earn money another way and open your own shop to employ the artists then you would still have to find something to do in order to hang out there all the time, so I thnk piercer is the best one.