Is getting your ears pierced at walmart a good idea?

my three friends got their cartilage pierced at walmart and they kept it clean and their piercings look great! i am going to get mine pierced at walmart today too. I dont have the money for any kind of fancy special tattoo place or salon and claires is too far away. do they use guns? is their equipment sterilized? Thx ;D

PLUS~do you have any tips to prevent infection after getting it pierced?


I've never done mine there (I did it at an ear piercing booth when I was 8, then repierced at Claire's years later) but I don't see why it wouldn't be OK.

And yes, you use the serum thingy they give you to clean your ears. Twist your earrings a bit when you do it. Take your earrings out when they say too, don't shower with them in if you use fake metal because they'll get rusty.


No i would go to professionals, nobody is going to stick in needle in my ear unless they have experience!


No. I got my pierced at a pro piercer with a needle It has a high chance of infection if you use a gun.


didn't even know Walmart did piercings

and they would use a gun which cannot be sterilized, and should NOT be used when getting a cartilage piercing, spend the money and get it done at a piercing/tattoo shop


I got my ears pierced at Walmart and they do use a gun. But mine were pierced about 4 years ago and I might not be in the same state as you. It might differ. Ask your friends about that. To keep your ears uninfected turn the earrings. It keeps the hole from closing around them or something. Good luck!


I'm sorry, I didn't get my ears pierced at Walmart, so I don't know about their equipment, but considering that they aren't mainly focused on piercing ears, and what kind of store they are, I would go to a professional to get them pierced :) Some tips on preventing infection are:

Clean your ears and earrings with rubbing alcohol every night

Twist your earrings so that they don't get stuck in place

Sorry those are the only two that I have. :) I hope I helped you out though!


I've never gotten a piercing at Wal-Mart but I wouldn't suggest it. It's not an official place and there are some out there that are cheap. Claire's is where I got mine done and usually for piercings anywhere they will use a gun. I dont know if it's sterilized or not though. So if you do decide to get it done there ask them to sterilize it first. To keep it clean dont take them out for a couple of weeks or the whole will close up. After that change out your earrings every other day or at least take them out and clean them then put them back in.


Guns cannot be sterilized and they use dull (compared to piercing needles) jewelry that does a ton of damage to the area being pierced. This causes more pain and prolongs the healing process. Since cartilage is sensitive, the damage from the piercing gun can easily cause it to collapse. The jewelry is also typically not long enough to allow your piercing to swell - which means any swelling and you risk your ear swallowing the jewelry.

The aftercare store employees give out is also garbage - twisting/spinning/touching a piercing while it's healing only causes more pain and further damage to the area.

The "solution" you usually get contains nothing but harsh chemicals that dry out your piercing.

Good for your friends for not having major issues, but piercing guns are not safe. Also, you're being pierced by WAL MART EMPLOYEES. What part of that sounds safe? Professional body piercers spend years learning how to safely pierce and know what they are doing.

Going to a professional piercer isn't being "fancy," it's being smart and safe. All in all, you get what you pay for.