Does honey help make freckles?

Does honey help make freckles?


Yes, actually. There is a nutrient in honey that draws the melanin in your skin to the surface, resulting in freckles. Many freckled celebrities keep their looks by making a honey-mask and sitting in the sun for a few hours.


No. It just moisturizes your skin a bit and makes it sticky until you wash it off, it's also slightly antibacterial.

People get freckles from a combination of genetics and sun exposure.


No, that's just a myth :)


actually, no.. this sounds wierd but mustard and honey do.


Not that I know of. I don't need help getting freckles so I'm no help. Sorry. :)


lolz ginger


It doesn't. You are either born to have them, or you can get them from too much sun.


Good question.