Question is real site or not, will i get my order?

I placed an order to the site ubingle yesterday., and i have paid 509USD for my order, now i found some bad opinion about the site on Yahoo. Certainly i know some threads are slander. now if some one had real eperience with the site?


Yes, friend. i have real experience. It is real company in Shanghai, they have factory in another city Guangzhou, i visited the factory last year.

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you have no need to worry .

P.S i think my answer is the best you want


it is safe company, don't owrry. it is famous company in China. i order from the site every week. If you doubt that , you can contact with me, my MSN. In fact, i am ubingle agent in USA, if you worry about your money, it is better way to order from me directly! :)I will be better than Eric


So who knows where Is this Company ?