Can you suggest a better search engine than Google?

After 2 years I'm sick of it, and don't like Google very much as a company.

Which is your favourite and which one would you suggest?

I live in the United Kingdom if it's any help.



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No doubt or second opinion in it. It is Yahoo, Yahoo and Only Yahoo.

I am really dejected with Google Search.

Most of the Phrases or Keywords. Google Shows only very ordinary sites. Infact that sites fit for nothing. This gives lot of frustration to the users.

For some phrases or keywords only top 3 websites only relevant. Starting from 4th website in search rankings all are irrelevant one.

So, I am start using Yahoo search engine instead of Google Now


Yahoo! and Bing goes the 2nd place!


Yahoo Bing MSN But more people search google they are the best really


In UK - I think MSN works well too. Then you have many other options like yahoo, excite, altavista, See more searches at



try yahoo, jayde, or not you can easily search for a good one anyway.



Well i don't think, Better than google is not yet available in the web world, Many are looking to get top in google only, But honestly yahoo is the best search. I liked the relevancy of yahoo search engine

Thank you