eConsign Outpost ?

I'm intending to clean out my garage and I want to sell everything on eBay but I don't have to much time for the whole "selling" process, I've fond eConsign Outpost an eBay Trading Post... How does this work? Any opinions?


eConsign Outpost does the posting for you so you don't have to take the picture and figure out how to sell it on eBay. They do it for you and take a portion of the proceeds (I think it's about ຃-ຈ) BTW buyers rate their experience with that seller and it's posted for future purchasers to see. That keeps the scam artists away!


I went to a job interview for an eConsign Outpost store. Basically, you bring in your stuff you want to sell, they post it for you and you pay them a percentage of your winnings. Not worth it though, cause it is a big percentage! Just post it yourself!


You'll find all the info you need about their services on their website, you bring you stuff in and they sell it and you get your check minus a cut… Like twenty to thirty percent less.


Well I actually used eConsign Outpost ( service and i agree with the rest of the people here, they are legitimate and there are a lot of people asking if they are legitimate online, they have a lot of reviews of actual people who used their services, so I am surprised that this question is still around.


I've sold some stuff through they offer a great service for large items, they can pick them from your location and will handle the entire sales process.


eConsign Outpost service is excellent and even if you you may find it expensive, it`s not really, consider the fact that they include all the fees in the price of sale and you have better chance of selling something or feel better buying from them knowing that the shipping is free.


No you cannot run an Ebay bunsiess without a bank account. A cash through mail option would be against Ebay policy and no one would be stupid enough to sent cash through the mail hoping that you would then ship an item to them.Payment methods not allowed on eBay:For most categories, sellers can't ask buyers to:Send cash through the mailSend cash or money orders through instant, point-to-point cash transfer services (that are not banks) such as Western Union or MoneyGramYou will need to wait until you can afford a bank account.