I really really hate my job as a webcam model?

I'm 20 and I moved in with my fiance two years ago which was 3 hours away from where I grew up. I don't have a car and am currently taking a break from college. I really needed a job but since I didn't have a car that really limited things. The places that were walking distance weren't hiring. My fiance works 10 hours a day on night shift and he drives a standard, which I don't know how to drive and "he doesn't know how to teach me to drive it".

Basically, I feel like being a webcam model is my only option for now. I'm trying to save up money to buy a car and then get a "normal" job. The thing is, I absolutely hate it. It wouldn't be so bad if I only did a few hours a day, buy my fiance expects me to do it as a full time job, meaning stay online 8+ hours every single day and even though the "job" is really easy, it does get exhausting having to dress up every day, act happy and cheerful, degrade myself, and put up with the day to day pervs. I've only been doing it for about 1 a month and have already made a good amount of money. So the pay is great, but it's still not motivation enough to get online.

Its past midnight here and usually I've already been online for a few hours but I just can't bring myself to get in front of that cam. I know that when my fiance sees that I didn't really work today he's going to be annoyed with me, especially since "he went and worked hard all day and I should have too". He is always annoyed by the fact that I never want to do it since it's so easy to make a lot of money.

So my question is, how do I get my self motivated to stay online and if anyone can give me tips or advice on how to even deal with this "job" it would be great. Mostly though, I think I just needed to vent. ugh, I can't wait until I can get a normal job. any advice at all would be great.



My Fiance and I were in the same boat! He worked a day job and I worked the cams, and it does especially having to deal with all the guys demands to get naked in free every 5 seconds! There are so many times i choose to lay in bed an extra hour which turns into 3 hours lol. I know how your feeling. So let me try and help out here.

Firstly Im past the issues and its good to know that I wasnt the only one feeling that way!

1. You need to remember there is NOTHING degrading about what your doing! The only reason you feel like that is because of all the cheaters, liars and beggars that are making you feel bad.

2. You are going to make more then your Fiance and any customer you see online! Remember that i actually put a sticky note next to my screen and it helps. when the guys are rude i just remember that chances are theyre broke and are pissed and taking out on me.

3. Ignore the looser comments! Pick a person that is making you enjoy being on cam someoune that is boosting you and chat with them, when some guy is rude ignore them and carry on enjoying your conversation. It makes it easier and so much more relaxed. And in turn you feel better smile more WITHOUT effort and get more shows.

4. Diversify, remember there are hundreds of sites out there and you should be productive about that idea. I work about 6 sites at once, this helps with 2 things. I get to see more nice ppl and its harder to focus on one person thats being rude because im too busy running sites. And bigger paycheck!

Try yahoo chat sites where your not in free all day too just add it to what your doing. I work n one that is like a network of 8 sites in one its they are cam models that started the site so they are really friendly too.

5. HAVE fun do what ever you have to but ive learned staying busy helps with ignoring the idiots.

Hope I helped.

FYI My fiance quite his day job to run the computer for me and all I do is look pretty and fake type now we make 3 times the income. And best of all were together all day! It was aquard at first but now its fun ad makes EVERYTHING easier.


You have to suck it up and deal with it. Life isn't fair, and work isn't fun.(Unless you are in a job you enjoy, of course.) People work for money because they need to survive, or else they would be homeless and starving. If you don't want to make any money then simply don't do it, it'll be your loss. I know if I was a good looking woman I wouldn't mind getting paid to show off my breasts on a webcam.

So your choices are either deal with it and keep saving your money until you have enough for a car, or quit and don't do anything at all.


i once tried to be webcam model but i could not find anyone who wanted to pay me.

there's millions of ways to make money on the internet, like give anonymously legal advice. some fifteen year old with a law textbook was making something around

1,000,000 dollars a year before he got caught.


dont do it its degrading and its gives the impression you have no moral standards, I would never ask my woman to do that


Ditto! I can't stand beign a webcam model it's so gross, "spread your ass" "do you like my cock" Fucking sick pervs! and the C2C option! yuck! like I want to see their nasty dicks, get a life! I was making 1000 weekly but it really grosses me out so now I'm clearing 200 weekly I can barely survive on this pay but i can't bring myself to cam as much as I use too