Dunkin Donuts Application Schedule Question?

I'm going to hand in my Dunkin Donuts Application TOMORROW and have some plans on what I was going to say (Ask for the manager and give it to him/her, wait for their response if they are looking it over, etc..). But I have a teeny weeny little problem. I don't know if this will happen, but if the manager decides to hire me on the spot, which I doubt, then that will be GREAT, however, I can only start working next week when school is over which is June 23rd and tomorrow will be June 14th.

So if the manager decides to hire me on the spot, is it alright if I tell him/her that I can start working next week or will that be a bad idea?

P.S. I'm 16 years old if that matters and this will be my first job


There are plenty of potential issues for minors in work, many of them law-related, parents have to be vigilant about that. There is plenty of assistance from the resource in the box below on this subject, they also have assistance for all peeps who are looking for work, or who have to change careers.