Handing in Dunkin Donuts Application Tomorrow, What To Do?

So I got the application on Friday and now I am done with it and am going to hand it in tomorrow, which is Monday. So my question is:

1. How should I hand it in?

I was going to walk in, ask for the manager and if they can find me one, I was going to give the manager my application, shake his/her hand, and say "Hi, my name is. . . and I just wanted to let you know who I was and what you'll get if you hire me." Then leave.

Or should I say more than that?

P.S. I'm going to go in when there are no customers, so they're not busy.

P.S. I'm 16 years old


Hooray for you. I am so happy to see somebody of your age that has some common sense. By all means take the app in and ask for the manager (smile, smile, smile) Yes when the manager comes out offer your hand and squeeze somewhat firm (not with a lot of pressure) and yes say: Thank you, my name is...... thanks for allowing me to fill out the application, if there are any questions I will be happy to answer them at YOUR convenience, smile while he is looking over the application then (AND THIS IS VASTLY IMPORTANT) stand there with a smile and say NOTHING more, simply wait for his answer. I guarantee you will be hired and possibly on the spot. When you get the job; come in early and begin finding out all you can about the job, stay busy looking for anything to do, keep the floor, counter and all areas clean, do not take time to listen to gossip or offer any yourself. Smile a lot be friendly with everybody and offer that friendliness to everybody. Stay late and make sure you do everything the way your boss wants. Be honest with yourself and everybody and you will be the first to receive a promotion when one is available. Do not forget the most important thing in your life NOW: Get to know God and He will make your life much more enjoyable.


There are a lot of potential issues for youngsters in work, many of them law-related, parents need to be vigilant about that. There is a lot of assistance from the site in the box below on this subject, they also have assistance for all people who are searching for work, or who need to change careers.