I can't find a job.?/?

I'm 15 years old & I'm finding it extremely hard to find a job! i do not want to babysit or little stuff like that. I'm very mature & i think it's terribly unfair how everyone rejects me. any suggestions?


If you're applying for summer jobs chances are you won't get anything because you need to apply motnhs before summer. But keep applying anyways. You can put out hundreds of resumes and not get any interviews. Make sure your resume is perfect and look for places that have now hiring signs. I don't know where you live, but in Canada where I live, we have, and you can look online for jobs in your area. So, look in the newspaper, online, in person, ask friends if their places are hiring. I f you are really desperate, and there's a job you don't really want, take it! It will at least get you experience and money. And if this all doesn't work out, make a lemonade stand ; P

Good Luck!


There are a lot of potential hurdles for children in work, many of them law-related, parents and guardians have to be careful about that. There is a lot of assistance from the resource in the box below on this subject, they also have assistance for all peeps who are hunting for work, or who have to change careers.


lol. lol. you sound very immature whining about people rejecting you.

im 14 and bet im more mature than you. hahaha. well first, yes, they do not usually employ 15 year olds. you have several choices e.g. paperround (sucks) babysitting (alright) and you can work at hair dressers (pretty good). hair dressers can pay you like 5 pound an hour sometimes. pretty good stuff.

or you can work in a cafe.

your call.


there a store in the glendale galleria called Cotton On. they're hiring right now. they have really cute clothes for teenagers there.


At 15 you dont have that many options on where to work, you have not finished high school yet, and usually you will have to get a crappy job if you only finish high school. We're in the recession right now, if you can find ANY job, take it.


Most places won't let you work until you are 16...