Is it illegal to lie about your age when your applying for a job?

Well im 15 and I want to apply for a job but most of them require you to be 16 I have working paper forms for a sixteen year old filled out and I could easily say Im 16 but would they find out im not and will I get In trouble?(i live in new york city)


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Yes. Misleading someone for the purpose of financial gain is fraud... And although it is highly unlikely that the employer would do anything about it--in practical terms, you've just made it easy for them to fire you for cause.


you will be fired when you are found out.


you could do jail time

but then again every new Yorker is required to do some time


Yes it is very illegal. Do not do it.


im sure it is illegal because under 16 you are supposed to have a work permit.


not legal trouble, but you could be in trouble with your employer for lying. but I'm sure they'll forget it if you're a hard worker.


no, you really can't.


Yes it would be illegal as you are falsifying a government form (the work permit).