Highschool advice for girls who are going to be freshmen?

My friend and i are going to be incoming freshmen. any advice to make it through thenext four years? haha



- don't be scared/nervous/worried... high school is not that big of a deal

- get a map of the school so you don't get lost... but don't walk around the school with it in front of your face

- you're not all of a sudden cool just cuz you're in high school so don't try and act like it... and don't go around talking to your friends about how cool it is that your in high school

- don't ask upperclassmen for help if you're lost (ask a teacher or friend) cuz they might point you in the wrong direction

- don't stop in the middle of the hallways

- try to make new friends in your classes... but still keep your old ones

- join clubs/sports... trust me it's an easy way to make friends and it looks good on college applications

- don't run to lunch

- on the first day don't wear you hollister shirt, hollister pants, hollister flipflops, and carrying your hollister bag... you will have freshman written all over you and don't wear too much makeup/accesories... just wear something simple but cute :)

- it is possible to fall UP the stairs... lol. but if this (or something like this) does happen don't be embarrassed... just laugh at yourself and walk away cuz its no big deal

- please don't be an immature freshman

- make good grades (don't screw it up freshman year cuz you WILL regret it)

- don't come to school on the first day with your huge backpack full of colored pencils, glue sticks, tissue boxes... you don't need all that crap you're in high school now. all you need for the first day is paper, pencils, and a folder

- don't decorate your locker (nobody at my school decorates them)

- don't worry about the older girls..... they won't be bitchy to u as long as you don't give them a reason to be.

- be prepared for freshman friday! nahhh i'm just kidding it doesn't exist.... and any rumors you hear are all FAKE! nothing scary happens... and high school is nothing like the movies.

1.) Wear little or NO make-up at all. I've just completed my freshman year as Class President and looking back at pictures, the juniors and seniors were right; you can tell a freshman apart from ANY class because of the plastered paint on their faces. Every girl wants to make a nice image of themselves. Don't fall into that trap. My class was 483, and every single girl wore so much that a girl not wearing make up stood out.

2.) Don't try too hard. You're too eager to be super fashionable. That's nice, but what's going to happen when you don't have a new outfit for a day? Since you'll always have the perfect clothes, all eyes will always be on you...even on your bad days.

Hope I helped.


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