How can I use what i described below to get a job as a systems administrator?

I am a pc gamer looking for a job as a system administrator. My skills are building pc's to run high performance and non high performance games (on desktop and laptop computers) such as starcraft 2, counterstrike, quake, unreal tournament. I know how to install operating systems on machines and secure them with the most sufficient anti-virus software for protection while backing up my data on hard drives and external hard drives.

I've used windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, linux- ubuntu, mint 7, fedora, red hat as well for testing of the games. During my spare time i research on whats going on in the computer world in terms of what hardware and software is coming out to where it could benefit not only my needs but others as well. My question is, out of everything i've just explained. How can I use my skills and knowledge to get a job as a system administrator?


You can't. Not that you can't become a system admin, but nothing you listed would even remotely qualify you to get even an entry level system admin position. I would suggest first deciding what type of system you want to administer,

Windows - Windows Admins are a dime a dozen.

Linux - Harder to learn but more

UNIX - Even Harder to learn but .

I saw an entry level Linux Admin job on craigslist not to long ago starting at 80k! Thats entry level! There will be more positions in Windows because more people run it, which opens up Normal size businesses with there own networks.

Super Huge companies, ISPs, Many data center and hosting companies run Linux/UNIX. MOST of the internet servers out there are UNIX based. As well as a lot of things you wouldn't think of. I work on cell sites and the equipment there all runs UNIX. When there's hardware that doesn't have an excuse to get rebooted all the time or can almost never be powered down, it'll probably be running UNIX of some sort.

Keep in mind on the Admin side of Linux/UNIX there will most likely not be a GUI, It ain't gonna be Ubuntu or OpenSolaris. Your *** in gonna be in a terminal most of the time, you really gotta learn stuff inside out.

If you want a high paying position, that won't be threatened by every idiot that comes out of school that's willing to do your job for less money (not that that doesn't happen in all jobs to a point) I go middle ground and say Linux. Get RedHat Certified. There's links on there website for training.

I'd also suggest if you go that route to start getting used to it now, RH is extrememly expensive but you can install CentOS which is 100% RHEL just with the logos and support removed.


sorry no idea!


Nothing you have mentioned in any way qualifies you for a system administrator position.


I know i have to learn active directory as well. Trying to make sure everyone is in there right lane meaning what applications/programs they can have access to that fits their needs and which one's they can't have access to, give them permissions so they don't access anything there not suppose to

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Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thkans for he answer.