How much do you think is a fair wage for one night of babysitting?

From about 4pm to 1am? Average round figures please.


I would probably ask around 60-80 dollars. That's what my sister gets paid.


usually anywhere around $10-15 an hour. Some people only pay $5, others may pay up to $20. So I'd say $90'ish


I would get paid about $50. . . I get around $5 an hour. :) It is fine with me!


I think the usual pay is somewhere between 7.50 and 8.00 an hour


If its just one child id say 30 to forty bucks if the child likes you they will call again and they will most likley give you 50 the next time make sure you do a fun activity so they will call again hopefully their not the spawn of satan good luck !