What happens at a Job Orientation?

Its for K-mart and I'm supposed to go on Friday.

Please, no sarcastic, or obvious answers.


I guess it might be obvious, but having been to things like this, they usually show you around the workplace. In your case, the store. They might go over safety standards/issues with you. They will stress the typical corporate expectations/mindset to you. I have no doubt they will tell you the customer comes first or is right, etc. They will probably go over pay, benefits, dress code and other policies pertinent to your job/post. Also, they will make you watch a training video and have you fill out paper work like an I-9, W-4 form(s), state taxes for wages (if your state has an income tax), maybe do a drug test or schedule you for one, process you for their payroll like a punch card or whatever they use for tracking your hours and maybe a consent form to do additional background checks.