How do i use a Metro PCS Prepaid Visa Card?

first of all let me start off that i never used a credit card before, so please don't say its the same because i never used one.

do i have to register it and if i do how? can i buy things online? Also when buying things at a store with it do i have to show my Identification?


Yes, it should be registered to your name and address. If this is a MetroPCS Debit card that has your name imprinted on it, and it was mailed to you then it is already registered to your name and address. Yes, you can make purchases online with it, as long as the billing address that you enter when making the purchase matches the one that the card is registered to. In most cases if you sign the back of the card you will not be asked for ID, however some stores as an added measure will still ask. If it is not signed, then you will almost definitely need to show ID


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