Is a 694 credit score is good to take a loan in citifinancial or in a other financial?

I really need to know because I try for a car loan and they sad that a had limited credit experience with a 694 credit score


If 694 is your FICO Score (range 300-850) that is considered strong.

However, if 694 is your Vantage Score (range 501-990), then you may not qualify for the loan.

The two different score models cause confusion because the credit bureaus

1.) Sell Vantage Scores to consumers

2.) Sell FICO Scores to lenders

Also, it's not just about your score. It's also about your report.

If you have any recent late payments or a high debt to credit ratio, for example, a high credit score alone may not be enough to qualify.


What bank did you try?

Did you know "big banks" are not lending as much?

Some banks are even being sued right now by FHA

They have to raise revenue, and simply are not lending.

I want you to try a credit union or a small regional bank for a loan

Call and make an appointment.

Credit unions are well known for giving the lowest interest rates also.

That score of yours - if a real Fico score is not that bad

Hopefully is just because of late payments, and not defaults or non payments

Remember - lenders focus on the 3 reports - not just a score

Get all 3 at Annual Credit They are all free once a year

Again, try a small bank or credit union. You might be surprised


Have you tried with Capital One auto credit? If not then it might be one that you check out.

Citifinancial (now known as OneMain Financial) typically lends to those who have limited or damaged credit. Expect a much higher interest rate then you would get with your bank or credit union. Plus they would be reporting as a consumer finance account, which FICO doesn't particularly like. Not that it would hurt your scores to a great degree but you might get a "too many consumer finance accounts" as a reason why your scores aren't higher. But as far as the consumer finance type of lenders goes, OneMain is probably the better option over the rest of them.