I keep getting calls someone at Living Investments UK in London. Has anyone done business with them?

They apparently have a teak plantation in Costa Rica and they asked me to invest £25,000. I personally think it is a scam, but im not sure. Has anyone else had any experience with them. I dont like how persistent they are. They were definately using boiler room tactics.


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Smithmeister, I think I remember you, I started with you for the training week thing. I stayed a little bit longer than you, I have a less sensitive bullshit-o-meter and I stayed for 8 days.

It is the most rediculous company I have had the pleasure of working for. They have a virtual office at 14 Grenville street, but it is simply a decoy for all their letters to go there. They actually operate from 6-8 st. John Street EC1 in Farringdon.

No They are not regulated by the FSA and companies like this make me sick because they don't know the impact they have on peoples lives. They don't deal with any fund managers or pension managers. They get all the prospects from an investors list with mainly elderly pensioners and harrass them for money. Its not even a limited company, its sole propreitor with some guy who no one knows.

If someone calls from LIUK, Tell them to stick the phone up their arses. They dont pay their staff, they dangle carrots in front of them. The only good thing about that boiler room is the receptionist.

Slave driving pricks, avoid Living Investments like the plague!


ok, I worked very hard for this company (not really a company) for about 3 weeks. I do want to point out when it comes to FSA. There is a loophole with this type of industry. It is commercial Forestry. You do not have to be regulated by FSA to sell commercial forestry.

I am not for the company, I am just stating facts. When I joined the company, I was told I was on Commission only for 3 months and then it was salary. This may or may not be legal, I honestly do not know, but I had the impression I was only going to get paid on what I sold. I do know that there were others who started with me that were never told that it was commission only. So there were a few left in the dark.

For someone to place Francis details on the Internet is I am sure against the law. I believe Francis has a case, although I am not a lawyer so I can't say.

As far as their practises go, the reason I left (not fired) was because 70% of the people I was pitching was elderly people. When I figured this out, I was no longer going to call on these people. I thought we were going to call on ACTUAL investors. Not Pensioners. Yes, this may have been a boiler room set up, but coming from a stockbroker background, there are a lot of firms that actually operate this way (Unfortunately) although I have worked for two different brokerage firms, one was boiler room style (real stocks) the other very conservative approach.. The only way it is a TRUE boiler room is if they are selling Fake product. I was under the impression that the product was very real.

My personal feelings on it, there is something in the company that doesn't smell right to me. I can't put my finger on it, but I was never offered a salary with this company.


I did not actually start the blog but I came accross it yesterday. My ex-colleague, who I still keep in touch with started this blog and I was kept informed of what was happening. It appears that I was not the only person wronged by this shambles of a "company". For the record LIVING INVESTMENTS UK BROKERAGE ARE A GROUP OF MUPPETS HIDING UNDER A COMPANY NAME.

I was already employed in a company I was not completely satisfied with due to the hours, subsequently, I came across these shysters, who hired me under false pretenses.

I started on Monday 26th October 2009 and started the training week. By the Friday, rumours starting coming out that there would be no basic for the first 3 months. I didnt believe it because that was not what I was informed by the guy, (whose name I will not mention at this time) who hired me. We were all a group of experienced guys from different backgrounds and it was very obvious that this was just another boiler room operation. By Friday, there were 6 people left ha ha ha.

I was fired on Wednesday because I told them I would be coming in late because I had to take someone to hospital.


1)Hiring under false pretences - They told me there would be a basic but there wasnt. Which is why everyone left. If they claim to have paid it, they will have to prove it and provide tax and NI details. Otherwise they are in trouble. It is illegal to hire people in the UK and not cover the minimum wage.

2) Violation of Data Protection Act 1998 - Anyone can clearly see that they put my personal details up for everyone to see, which is clearly illegal.

3) Stress, Loss of earnings and whatever I can get from these idiots.

Living Investments UK are not FSA compliant even though they offer investments and financial services. isnt that illegal?




I run a stockbrokers and sadly there are many boiler rooms in our industry. Ths does not make us all bad. I have looked at Living Investments website and I have to say they do not look like a boiler room. We have many American clients who have investments in Costa Rica and from what I understand it is very transparent place to do business. If they were running something bad they would do it from somwhere like Sri Lanka which has many dubious businesses. It seems quiet clear to me that the first guy that talks (think his name is Francis) seems to have registered under several names on the same day as all these people joined Yahoo today (move the cursor over the name and it shows you), clearly Francis seems upset that he did not get paid for his 2 or 3 days work with this company. The other guy seems to be far brighter (from memory David). My guess is that Francis is just using this forum to try and get Living Investments to pay him his wages but I have to say he would be far better just writing to them than upsetting them using this method. Most of my clients are rich and most of them are elderly, usually the older people are the richer they are as they either downsize homes or they retire and all their mortagages are paid off etc.

I have to say that I think that Francis should be exposed; too long this country allows bulletin boards to write annoymous hate filled stufff with the company having no way of challenging, if Francis has any truth in what he says he should have no problem with being identified. If however he is a serial job hopper who goes from job to job being a nuisance then I can see why being identified would annoy him.

I am fed up how laws in the UK favour the attacker rather than the attacked ie you cannot attack a burglar in your own home etc. Clearly if someone writes something that is wrong he should be exposed for writing it and this chap reading all that he has written seems very unsophisticated and whilst he seems very good at knowing his rights and the laws of the country he does not seem to have the same attention to detail when it comes to understanding investments. Could this be the reason he was fired?

As for being FSA registered I do not think that most of the writers understand what the FSA regulates. If forestry is being sold as a fund which is either in unit trust form or as a closed end fund for each forest then it needs to be FSA regulated and can only be sold to sophisticated or high net worth individuals. If however the physical asset is being sold ie the actual trees/forest then there is no need to be FSA regulated and in actual fact it would not be possible to get FSA regulation. There are therefore 2 different business models and it all depends what you prefer to own the shares or the assets you then buy whichever is your preference. One could argue that both have attractions and some investors would prefer to own the asset whilst others prefer to see a share price although of course like property funds these can be very illiquid and thus give a false sense of security.

What is not fair is to knock a company and make up false allegations about them annoymously and as an employer myself (admitably therefore biased) I have to be on the companys side. Clearly to find I think it is 3 ex employees all reading this on the same day does not sound believable. I also have no problem with sales people, we all need them to sell us cars, houses and all sorts of investments. If the product is good then why shouldn't sales people sell it. I also think that a well diversified portfolio (that includes timber as it actually has no correlation to property prices or stock indexes) makes sense for any well balanced portfolio.

In summary Francis a bit of humble pie back to your ex employer and I am sure that you will find them very gracious but this approach would wind anyone up.


It appears you could be on a Suckers List. Expect more calls.


Why don't you ask the FSA intelligence department? Seems rather strange that you would ask a public forum like this.


Isnt that illegal to put employees full names and addresses on there? This is most definately a questionable company.

I would steer clear if I were you.


A man named Pat keeps calling me, We are pensioners and we have not got money to waste. He called me on private number. He said he will send me a letter in the post. Its going straight in the bin.