What is a "growth-less recovery"?

What is a "growth-less recovery"?


A growthless recovery means that there is no recovery at all. The GDP of the U.S. is only increasing becasue of the trillions of extra dollras that are being printed. There are no jobs and the unemployment rate is going up. A growthless recovery just means that we are still in a reccession/depression, and who ever is using the term growthless recovery is probably some politicain that is trying to cover up the fact that we are still in a recession/depression to save their own butts.


I looked at Christina's Romers, statement, it is safe to conclude that: Growth Less Recovery, means simply---Growth Minus Recovery. The economy is showing a growing GDP yet we show no signs of recovery in the job sector.

It is a way to try to explain the astronomical corporate and wall street earnings when we are not creating jobs for the working class. Jobs = Growth in the traditional since. But, today the rules that govern us are being thrown out the window to explain this current Financial crisis we are in.

I hope this helps