What is the difference between money and barter?

What is the difference between money and barter?


If you work for me, I have to pay you. If I haven't the money to pay you, we might agree on my paying you via something else of value to you---perhaps a used car or investment counsel.

Bartering is dealing in an exchange of services or goods by using something other than cash. This system of exchange is the earliest known means of payment for services and goods known to mankind, predating earliest known mentions of coinage and the use of precious metals.



money is currency and barter is to deal


money is oney barter is trading


If you barter, you're just trading something with no exchange of money.


Money is in the form of coins and paper bills. It's used to purchase merchandise and services. Barter is in the form of good or services which pays for other goods or services. Money is not needed when bartering.


When we trading and we exchange goods with goods it is barter. When we trading goods in money instead of exchanging good with good it is money transaction. The medium of exchange in money transaction is money.