What happens if you cash a bad check?

So, I'm selling my camera and the person wants to pay me by check. Now, I have a weird thing about checks and I don't have a bank account. (I'm a teenager so all the money I get goes into saving for college). But the money I get for this camera, I want to pocket. So I want to go to the bank and just get cash. What happens if it's a bad check? Will they just not give me the money or will I get charged?

And the person I'm selling to is out of state, which is why they'd prefer to send a check rather than just cash (because the camera is worth a lot and they don't want to send a lot of bills). I know who they are, but not well. (They went to my school for a while, then moved last year).


Tell the person to go to their local Post Office and get a Postal Money Order. (It will cost them an extra dollar or two). They can mail you the money order and you can cash it right there at your home town Post Office. That way there will be no question about whether or not it's good.


u get charged