Anyone know what a ACH personal income paindivltx withdraw is?

I have one on my checking account statement, and don't know what it is


It's the Pennsylvania income tax.


Did you ever think to possibly Google this place?


Ask your bank. You might have been scammed. Have you sent any checks to a company you haven't dealt with before? If so, this company may have scammed you or simply issued an unauthorized withdrawal. The acronym is something about passive income. I believe it means investments. The web site is below and it sounds like a big come on to me. If you haven't authorized a payment to this outfit they have stolen the money from you. You seriously need to go to your bank and let them know if you haven't OK this money. They will take this money out every month unless you stop them.


You need to contact your bank & ask them your question. They are the first ones to question when something comes up on your account.


Yes it is the ACH you authorized to pay your Pennsylvania taxes owed.

I got the same ach on my bank account.