How can I get my roommate to leave?

I have a roommate who 3 months ago called our landlord (who is also my mother) at midnight to complain about the noise. I had told her we were having friends over and she never came out to tell us we were being too loud. She then told my mom that she was leaving. We were actually happy she was leaving and have been trying to help her out so she can leave. She also flipped out when we told her we wouldn't buy her a light bulb to replace the one that burned out in her closet. We offered to put it in for her but not buy one. Eventually she called the landlord again and cursed at her and my mom not being big on confrontation gave in to shut her up.

Anyway, she has told us she's leaving twice first giving us a weeks notice then not leaving, then giving 30 days notice and not leaving again.

Its causing us a lot of stress because we have people interested and we keeps loosing them because she won't leave. She says its because she lost her job and can't afford it but I keep wondering if her checks are going to bounce.

Please help. We need her to leave.


You blew it. Once she gave you 30 days notice, you could have cancelled her lease on day 31. Allowing her to stay past the 30 days returns her status to "month-to-month". Did you get her 30 day notice in writing? If so, then give HER a 30 day notice to terminate. If this woman doesn't have the cash to buy a light bulb, she doesn't have the funds to buy a lawyer (or a clue). Bluff her out.

That being said, anytime I want a room-mate to leave, I just walk around the house butt-nekkid and don't shower for a week at a time. Haven't had one stay too long after that first week!


Your mom's the landlord so she makes the decision so tell her to get lost.

do not treat her good.

have you tried raising the fee?

raise it real good so she cant pay up any more


Be together with her significant other - that will get her to leave.