Can you help with ebay problems, please?

Ah! Where to begin?! I need to get in touch with ebay regarding selling things. I have sold 6 items so far and only received payment for 2! All payments are shown in my paypal account, but the amount to spend is just for the 2 payments. Does this mean my buyers have taken the money back, even though paypal shows payment received?

I need to be sure, so that when I contact ebay, I am not accusing them of deceiving me!

I would really appreciate someone giving me some advice.


well if you sold 6 items and your paypal only shows that you got paid for only 2 items then that means only 2 people paid for their items and the rest still haven't! if you go to your ebay account and check on the items that you sold, it should have a blue dollar bill next to the item you sold and if it does then that means that you got paid! if it's not there then it means they haven't paid you yet! if they haven't paid for over 4 days you can open up a case on the resolution center! i sold some items as well and i have yet to receive payment for two items!


I read your question and I didn't sense any accusation in the slightest degree. I just saw a legitimate question.

so ask ebay the same way. They're not going to get all uppity.


The first guy got it right, don't count on ebay and paypal communicating successfully with each other to show the numbers correctly. Just log onto paypal's site and check to see if the money is correct there. If it's OK there, then you're all set and you can ship the items.


Can you clarify what you mean by "all payments are shown in my paypal account but the amount to spend is just for 2"? This doesn't make sense, unless you mean: when you look at your paypal account ALL the money is there, but when you look at your ebay account, only 2 are flagged as paid. If this is the case, you've rec'd the money, just click the items as payment rec'd. That will balance out your ebay records.


The flag on My eBay is worthless. You go by the payments you can actually see in Paypal.