Is it possible to earn free stuff from companies?

im not sure if this is true or not (i think it is but like i said, i dont know). my buddy said that people who do reviews and stuff on youtube get free stuff from companies so they give their product a good review. now, he also said you actually gotta have like a lot of people who watch you. so i was wondering, if I were able to get a lot of viewers, is it really possible to get free stuff from these different companies?

(and by free stuff, im talking about like free games/keyboards, small stuff ya know, im not talking about getting free refridgerators haha)


Yeah, infact you don't even have to be on Youtube to do it. Look up the $39 experiment. It's awesome.

Orrrrr... you can complain and say something was bad about the product. I did this once with "Frito Lay" when a bug was in my bag (ew. x 1928391283) but they sent 7 free coupons for bags up to 3.99. whhat? It was awesome. Just don't to it too much.

About the $39 experiment, my brothers and sisters and I are doing it right this minute actually. Just write to a company (hand written gets you more responses) and telling them how much we like their products. It'll get you a lt of sutff(:


companies will give you free stuff like coupons and small samples sometimes if you email them

I have a blog where I do stuff like that (its supposed to b funny)

games and keyboards though is a little much

the most I ever got was a 3 dollar bottle of lotion


Sure.. if you ever poke around on tech and computer websites, many times when they review a product, they will mention how it was donated by the company, so the website/blog could test it out and tell the world how it performs.. in many ways, the company is getting an "expert" opinion, and free publicity.