What are some good unused bakery names?

im 10 years old and have a dream to open a bakery.... everytime we think of a name its somewhat taken we really need help so thankyou.....!


A lot of work, time and effort must go into creating the perfect business name. Your business name can help prospects remember you and what you sell, or it can leave them clueless. A name like Shelley's Sweets will pretty much let anyone who hears about you or has one of your business cards know exactly what you do; namely prepare some type of sweet product, e.g. candy, cookies, cakes whatever. But if your name is Shelley's Cakes By Design…serving celebration cakes with a twist! There is little doubt that you are a cake decorator specializing in creative cake design.

Since you're just starting out, consider choosing a business name that describes your business in some way. Don't get too specific – you don't want to call your bakery business The Cookie Cafe, if cookies are not the only baked goods you sell. If you also plan to solicit business as a wholesale baker, selling products to other business you may want to include that also. Make an effort to incorporate some phrase (tag line) in your business that will help prospects remember you and ensure your business is the best one to call.

Let's take a peak at a few…

* CakeStars…making your dreams come true!

* Cake Creations…the perfect cake every time!

* Happy Cake…let us create joy for you!

* Frosty Cakes…spreading the love one cake at a time!

* Fondant Fantasies….no design is too outrageous!

* Stacked with Love….taking your celebration to a whole new level!

Hope this helps!


You can use the same name as another bakery, providing you are far enough away from the other bakery, that you are not considered to reasonably be in their area of service.

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