Is the GST credit that we get in Canada every 3 months being cancelled?

I'm asking this because I came across a forum post about our stupid new HST that's taking effect July 1st that the government here in Ontario Canada is cancelling the GST credit that we get every 3 months because they are "giving" us each either $100 or $333 in June and December of 2010 and then in June of 2011. Is this true? If that's the case, I don't want my HST rebate check, I want my GST check back that I get every 3 months.

Here's the link to the kijiji post that I found in their forum:


The GST credit is administered by the federal government and the provincial government has nothing to say about it. The GST will continue as usual. The credit that is paid by the provincial government in three installments is the Ontario sales tax transition benefit, paid to help Ontario residents change from provincial sales tax to HST. The next GST cheques are issued July 5


You need to cancel your subscription to kijiji. They don't know what they are talking about (or are deliberately spreading lies). There will be no change to the GST rebates.


Dalton wouldn't lie, would he?