Haven't received my Canadian Tax Refund yet.?

How long does it usually take? I'm a non-resident so I'm not sure. I mailed it off back in March, so I thought I would've received it by now. Can't even get on to a real person, just all automated crap. Pretty bummed.


Generally takes a lot longer for a nonresident return to be processed, but assuming you filed it to the international tax services office

Mailing address:

International Tax Services Office

Canada Revenue Agency

Post Office Box 9769, Station T

Ottawa ON?K1G 3Y4


And that you filed it using a Canadian itn (individual taxpayer number) aaaand there wasn't anything particularly unusual about what you were filing, you should expect to have heard something by now. If any of the above is wrong, it would add time.

If you do have an tin I would suggest calling either general enquiries at 1-800-959-8281 or the international tax services office at 1-800-267-5177 and they'll help you.

The trick with calling the Canada revenue agency is that as soon as you here the automated answer start up, hit the star button and you'll be transferred to a real person (though you might sit on hold for awhile).

Good luck


get more details ; open the second & fifth link on: