Which challan form to use for a salaried person while payment of tax?

As I changed my job last year and there was a very little tax deduction in the second company.Now when I recalculate my taxable income .I am getting a good amount of TAX to be paid .Which challan form should I use (challan no 280?) and what will be type of payment it will be self assessment tax or Tax on regular assessment as I am confused on these two only


If you are paying tax before filing the return, then it is called Self Assessment Tax (not Tax on regular assessment). Take care to fill the Challan 280.

1. Write Assessment Year as 2010-11

2. Tick on (0021) Income Tax other than companies

3. Tick on (300) Self Assessment Tax

4. Fill the amount of tax in Income Tax (no need to split education cess, interest etc.,)

5. If the Rubber stamp is not clear, then ask the bank their BSR code & Challan Number.