Which ITR should be file for my income?

I am senior citizen working with pvt co., I am not the employee of that company, The paid me for amount by deducting the 2% tax & at the end of the year i get the form 16A under the nature of payment as sec 194C - payment to contractor & sub contractor.

So i like to ask you that which income tax return i should be file to just claim for refund. My total yearly income is Max 1,60,000/-.

Please give me sensible answer urgently because the due date is 31.07.2010


The income of contractors to be shown in the head "Income From Business or Profession". ITR-1 or ITR-2 dose not cover that head. The only form that covers that head is ITR-4. You have to file your returns in ITR-4 and should claim the refund .

ITR-4 contains 23 pages. It is difficult to fill. You need some professional help to fill that form. Now it is difficult for you to get some one to fill the form for you as there is only one day left. Try to find some one. Do not worry In case if you fails to file your returns by 31st July 2010. You are having time till 31st March 2011 which is the last date for filing the returns. In your case nothing will happen even if you do not file your returns on 31st July 2010. The only thing is your refund will be delayed to the extent of delay filing. That is all .

If your case is not a refund case, then no one is bothered even if you show your income in other sources. Since the TDS is u/s 194C, it is not advisable to file your return in ITR-1 .