How much runway does a Boeing 747 need?

What is the minimum length the runway can be, to ensure there is enough to take off and land safely?


I am a retired 747 pilot -

They all take slightly over 10,000 feet - 3,000 meters at maximum weight -

Takeoff distances for the 100-200-300 are absolutely same at equal weight -

I never flew the 400 - probably is a little shorter runway required -

I did take off and landed a 747-200 on 5,500 ft long runway -

Obviously the aircraft was very light - empty, and only minimum fuel -

Runway required varies with winds, temperature, elevation and slope -

We have tables for the runway computations - called "runway analysis" -


Depends on many factors, such as wind, weather, type of runway, sloped runway, fuel, weight and balance. But with standard temps and pressure, with no wind, and at sea level, maximum power and light weight, it's about the same as above. Roughly a mile and a half. Usually a bit more for landing.


about 1 and a half miles


Depends on what type of 747 and also if the 747 is fully loaded.

I have listed the version details below based on a 'light' 747;

B747-100+200 = 10,000ft

B747-300 = 11,000ft

B747-400 = 10, 000ft


6,500 to 7,000 feet