Who makes STOL kits for Cessna 185's?

Are STOL kits mounted on 185's with float plane kits?


1) Horton, Wing-X, Owl, Robertson, Sportsman

2) Optional


Horton. They are seperate mods. But they can be combined.




Yes. Here is one with floats installed, several for sale with float kits that have never been on floats.

Skywagon: 185 for sale A185F of 1980; Price: $225000. Canadian

Edo 3430 Floats, Horton STOL Kit, Large Cooler,Heated Pitot Never been on salt water, no damage history. Utility interior.Narco Mark 12E,Cessna 300 Transponder, Cessna 300 ADF, Sunair HF,Garmin GPS100 more...