Is there a dress code for delta first class?

My mother and I are flying stand by to go to Panama and the only seats available are first class. So do we have to be in black pants and a nice shirt or is it just no jeans?


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According to a close friend who flies for Delta Airlines, "stand by"pass riders follow the same appearance requirements for nonrevenue and revenue passengers. Agents would deny boarding to pass riders for appearance reasons only if they would deny boarding for a revenue passenger in the same circumstance. You see, airlines must be respectful of our revenue passengers and our dress should not interfere or offend them in any way. He further stated that DL has a new relaxed Dress Code which was implemented way back on 15 April 2007, and this new policy allows jeans to be worn.

Since as you stated that you're on standby, I would dress casually, but conservatively. However, please note dress codes vary from airline to airline. The above pertains to Delta Airlines only.

EDIT: You will get conflicting info here at Y!A.

Your best bet is to call the toll free international number of Delta (1800-241-4141). When you are talk to an agent, ask about Delta's "relaxed dress code policy," which was implemented 3 years ago. Let's hope this agent is knowledgeable. if you're not convinced, call again and ask for another opinion. If you get conflicting report, ask for Customer Care.


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as i am also a 777 captain, i can confirm that you are not allowed jeans or a t-shirt or flip flops or sneakers in 1st class. you must wear a nicely ironed shirt, tie, trousers and shoes. no hats either.

if you are not dressed in a shirt, tie, trousers, shoes (and possibly suit jacket), you will be refused entry to 1st class and may not even be allowed to board the flight (as there are no economy seats left).


You're paying for the ticket, you dress the way you like.

If you are flying on a pass from the airline, it may have a dress code for you (in exchange for the low or nonexistent cost of the ticket). Regular customers wear what they want.

Southwest might kick you off the plane if you look too sexy, though. It has happened before.


Same a economy class. Basically wear whatever you want. They don't give a sh!t about what you wear.


There is no specific dress code (other than what is permissible for all travelers in all sections). Dress codes are often implemented for airline employees flying in first class and also if by necessity they need to move someone from coach to first, due to seating duplication, etc, in which case . they will usually select someone who is well-dressed and has paid a higher fare for their coach class ticket.


I think that you ought to see our resident Delta pilot, Mike Beech as he will give you all the necessary details, and Mike if you're reading this from the cockpit of your Boeing 777 that you were flying before they were released then please give your customer some advice. :-)

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Haha what? No... there is no "dress code" for being on an airplane, even in "first class"... you are paying them, you can look like whatever you want.


The only dress code is that you must actually be dressed, clothing is not optional. Jeans are fine.