Where to find pocketship free boat plans ?

Where to find pocketship free boat plans ?


for info on pocket ship plans you can start here…

pocket ship forum…

you may want to check out the phil bolger designed Micro sailboat…

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Try the link below...

The plans are not free - but, they will save you much more then the $104 they cost, due to the fact you get a complete (and very accurate Bill of Materials) and very easy to read and understand instructions. The best of all however... is you get support and service with phone & email questions answered - until you completely finish your boat building project.

I have been building boats for over 40 years, and I can guarantee you that "free plans" are not even worth the inflated "shipping & handling" fees you pay to get them. In fact, this is all the "free plan" sellers are after... because the "plans are free" and you only paid shipping & handling... you have no complaints, and can't get a refund.

Furthermore, you will spend hours of your time and a good chunk of change building your boat... so why wouldn't you protect this investment and buy your plans from someone who has not only designed the boat, but built it several times - and knows it is a proven vessel?

I guarantee you that (especially if this is your first boat building project; you will have questions... No one selling free plans, is going to provide you with have answers (even if they knew the answer).

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Check out the link below... They are good people you can trust, with good plans you can build.