What job can afford you a Lamborghini?

like what college degree beside getting involve with NBA, NFL or Music if it's for basketball i can go try out for my community college team and easily make it and keep moving on to play D1 basketball but forget that what other option bring lot of $$


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being a wise person,use ur wisdom to earn Lamborghini


If this is what you want, you don't want a job, you want to be the one giving the jobs, doing the hiring. Be the business owner.


If you can buy a lambo you should not have to work. Paying 300,000 is not something that if you play anything but top leagues i.e. NBA and Italy and be starter could buy. you need tro make 1,000.00.00 a year at least and know for next 10 years will ave same income to even be considered as will not be easy to sell and if you have a buyer if you have to sell they will buy new instead of used as if can afford used will get new.In D-1 you will if star of league make 25,000.00 a year American dollars which will buy a Corolla or Civic DX for 300.00 a month.

as far as jobs , any profession has jobs from minimum wage to millions so does not matter. with 200,000 down the payments will be close to 2700.00 a month for 6 years @ 6.9APR which is a 725 beacon + at least. no high credit from mortgage in at least 300,000 plus range will eliminate you for anything financed but a used 60k mile car with 6 years under belt from secondary bank since2 no cre2dit as getting out of school will mean very little paid debt but high student loan debt that is owed and high debt ratio to new job which have to be at 1 year and make 1500.00 a month even to qualify for loan. hope i shed some light and not burst bubble.


you can't ever buy a lamborgini.not even lamborgini gallardo. ha ha haaaaaaa!


Become a pimp!


My uncle owns a coffe shop and drives a hot v12. you have to mark up a 12 cent product to 5.99


uh you don't have to be a celebrity to drive a lamborghini. You have to own some big business and make millions or you can become a surgeon or a corporate attorney. Those are just some type of career men who can afford expensive cars.


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