Peugeot 206 Oil and STOP warning coming on?

I have a Peugeot 206, 2008 model.I don't know much of it, all I know it's that it has an automatic transmission, its the Mexico model (I suppose it's all the same, since it's imported) and 5 door.

So, the "STOP" light is coming on just today, and with it, the oil light. I've checked the oil levels and they were missing half a L, so I filled it up. Right after I turned it on, it made the same thing again.

It only does it when it's going 1,800 RPM or less. What could be causing this?


sounds like a problem with the oil pressure, the oil pump has a strainer on it, this could be clogged up. to check for this the oil sump has to be taken off. The oil filter could be blocked and needs changing this is easy enough to do, you just drain the engine oil, unscrew the filter and replace with a new one.The engines oil channels may be blocked, you can buy an engine cleaner which is a liquid you pour into the engine via the oil filler port, run the engine for a while then drain the oil and replace with fresh oil.If you try any of these things and the problem persists you'll have to let the garage check it over. could even be a faulty oil pump.


oil pressure sensor need to change,but first check connections


Probably a faulty oil pressure sender