What is the fair market value of a 1992 dodge truck 250 with the cumming diesel?

The mileage is 105,000 miles good body, needs paint, excellent mechanical condition. It is in California. I know the range can be wide. They want to sell it for $4,500 and I think it is worth more, say $6,500. Am I dreaming or is it realistic.


its actually worth about 4500.00 right now with the low miles on it and the good body,the paint issue doesn't bother most people because they know they can get one painted,one with that few of miles on it where im at would still bring around,3-4000 grand real easy,its the mileage that will sell it,and it being a california truck will help it more also,id offer them around 3500.00 for it,and id say you,ll get it,you won't find anything with a diesel engine in it with low miles for less money than that,epoxy primer will solve the problem of the paint not staying on it,thats why they made epoxy primer,for galvonized panels,good luck on it.


I'd say LESS THAN a thousand. They and you, both. Dreaming.

Those last couple of years of the old style trucks all lost their paint.

Since the panels were galvanized, Chrysler saved money by deeming primer unnecessary, but then over time, the paint began peeling.

I don't think you can get a real primer coat to stick to those old, time worn, "galvanized" panels now.

Thousand dollar car ain't worth nothing, a thousand dollar car...

Blue book "fair" is probably near $4000, but you can only get what some one is willing to pay.

With the paint issue those year trucks have, I would have a hard time considering a 1992 Dodge that "needs paint" fair. A fair vehicle might need paint in the sense of having normal old oxidized paint and some repairable rust, but a vehicle with panels that CAN'T hold a paint job, is destined for the scrap heap.