Audi or BMW?

Most people do not realize that BMW are now made in the U.S. (The plant is in South Carolina).

Audis are true German cars.

I have had thousands of dollars of repairs on my previous car - the BMW "the ultimate break down machine".

I recently purchased an Audi A4. No complaints. The car is enjoyable, and I find it more elegant looking than a BMW.


its really a hard question to answer, both are great cars, for BMW i would love to own M5 or the M6, for audi the R8 is just amazing, and dont forget that Lamborghini is owned by AUDI and i utterly love the Gallardo. but you know what, right now i have the S4 and its great, it depends on the budget tho. BTW the only BMW car being built in US is the X6. but the engines for the X6 are built in Germany


A U D I !!


audi r8 all me.


i would prefer BMW


I would take either one...

Both are cool cars...


BMW any day of the week

Google - wikipedia - any other search -

bmw and mercs rise above the Audis

BMW is not a break down machine unless someone has turned you over big time in that case i sugest you go see judge judy !