How do you remove a Lexus RX300 headlight?

How do you remove a Lexus RX300 headlight?


First, disconnect the battery.

For each bulb, there is a twist off plastic cover located directly behind the burned out bulb, that you will need to remove.

The drivers side is easy enough to access without having to remove anything.

The passenger side is a bit different.

To access the passenger side headlight cover for removal, you will need to disconnect the windshield wiper fluid reservoir, but only the top screw that you can see next to the reservoir cap.

Once this little screw is removed, you can gently push the top of the reservoir towards the driver side of the car, exposing the back of the passenger side headlight, and allowing you to easily remove the twist off cover.

They only need to be twisted about an inch or 2, and then they pop right off.

At this point, take a good look at the spring that holds the bulb in.

Squeeze the two little spring handles that are holding the bulb in, and allow it to swing out of the way, making sure you pay close attention to how the spring fits around the bulb, and the position of the electrical connection.

The connection to the bulb must be placed back in, exactly as it was before, or the spring will not latch.

Carefully remove the bulb from the headlight assembly, and unplug it from the electrical connection (twist and pull out).

Quickly examine the bulb to make sure its not broken, with sharp edges that can cut you.

BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW BULB: Practice learning how the bulb seats into the socket and spring using the old bulb.

Once you are satisfied that you know how the bulb goes in, go ahead and put in the new bulb, and snap the two handles of the spring back in the latch position.

Once the bulb is in, reinstall the twist on cover.

These covers are round with a large tab that sticks out to help you twist them off and on.

The large tab needs to be positioned at the bottom. Push the cover in and turn clockwise an inch or two, and it should be nice and snug.

Now move the washer fluid reservoir back into position, and secure it back down with the little screw you removed earlier.

The hard part is done.

Now simply remove the screw on cover from the drivers side, and repeat the installation of the new bulb.

When that is finished, reconnect the battery making sure the cables are fastened securely to the posts, red cable on + (POSITIVE) and black cable on - (NEG).