Should the driving age be lowered? Reasons why or why not?

I'm doing an editorial for a school assignment.

Wanna help me out by giving your reasons why or why not is should be lowered? :P

so, is it a yes or a no for you :)

thanks ~


Absolutely not. If anything, it should be raised. Which many states are looking at doing.

Simply put it this way. Consider most kids you know, your age. (assuming you're in your teens). Would you say that they're responsible? For example, if one of them were bleeding on the side of the road, and their friend had massive internal injuries, would they know what to do?

If they were to cause thousands of dollars of damage, would they have the backbone to own up to it, and admit guilt? (and if you want examples, look at how many kids on Yahoo Answers ask about an accident they got into, and how to get out of it....or the fact that they ran from the scene)

Do you know all the information to provide to a police officer when filling an accident report, and the steps to follow after that? WITHOUT calling someone for help, or looking it up?

Besides 911, do you know ANY emergency numbers for flat tires, broken down cars, or any other emergency you might experience?

Because these are the things that they might find themselves facing.

Now, some teens....are mature enough for those situations. I've met some that are more mature than most adults I know. But the majority, I simply can't see it happening.

I can't count how many 17 and 18 year-olds I knew were drinking under age, and yet....complaining that they weren't allowed to drive without a parent, or other restrictions. Already breaking one law, and wanting to have the responsibility of a multi-ton vehicle that can kill people.

Just ask yourself if that makes sense.



Consider the graph here:

Note that 17 year olds have a *higher* accident rate than 16 year olds.

Note that the accident rate drops with experience.

Note that the *fatal* accident rate climbs from 16 to 17 to 18 year olds. Younger teens more accidents but they are low speed bumps. The fatalities come with thinking you are good.

Note that 18 year olds have the second highest rate of fatal accidents, the top being the 21 year olds.

Imagine that whole graph shifted two years to the left, younger. Imagine two years more experience before the teens get out of high school and start thinking they are as good as us old farts. The overall fatal accident rate would likely drop.


No, the driving age should not be lowered because:

1) Driving has become more complicated especially on superhighways and big cities.

2) There are already enough 16 - 17 year old knuckleheads on the road.

3) Most 14 or 15 year olds can't see over the dashboard.


i think it should because not all people arnt responsible when there young. im 18 and my little cousin is 14 and she drives better than half of the people on the road, sure some kids are responsible but not all adults are eather. some adults drink and drive that causes accidents, anything can happen and normaly not anyone knows what to do when someones injured but its common since to help them the best you can but not all people knows about doctor stuff.


for some reason or other the new crop of drivers are going splat more often than not/maybe its the protectionism that the parents are doing i dont really know/but they seem younger at 17 and 18 than the age says/and after they get the permits they knowingly violate the laws in hope they dont get caught/insurance for males under 25 is through the roof/in tight situations the kids splat/ it aint me its the insurance co stats/ i would have to follow the trend ant that is raising the age/ nobody is entitled and thats the way a lot think.i got mine at 14 in nm