Reasons why the driving age should stay at 16?

its for a english project.


Every reason I have seen to support raising the driving age is faulty.

There is no legitimate reason to raise the driving age, good reasons for lowering it.

High accident rates are due to inexperience, not age. Which is why new motorcycle riders are at high risk no matter what their age.

That vehicle accidents is the number one cause of death for young people is simply due to the fact that they do not generally die from other causes. The second and third causes of death of young people combine to exceed vehicle deaths, yet no one makes a big deal out of the many homicides and suicides.

People need to learn to drive sometime, and young people learn quicker and better. Not to mention it is good that they have experience before they need to rely on driving for a living.


This allows the child living with parent or parents to have sometime to learn about responsibility of driving before they leave out on there own at 18......


People who are 16

1) Might have a job they need to get to

2) Might not get on with their parents and so need a degree of independence

3) Don't want constantly use their parents as a "taxi"

4) Why raise it to 18 or 21, when you start driving you have no experience and being 2 years older doesn't compensate for the fact you've no driving experience

5) By raising it we are making teenagers dependent on parents for even longer