Cheap ways to pimp out a car?

i have a 2000 toyota corolla and its the beige color. i hav som chrome wheels and i got a chrome exhaust tip, is there any other ideas i could use to make my car look better, on the exterior? i want to find some cheap ways wether its chrome or just something else to make it look better



Just like your clothes,coordinate color,texture.

Get an overall theme going, boy racer, sleeper, pimp mobile, whatever you like.

Go 2 tone or multi tone, just remember Dark on top makes a car look top heavy.

Does all the trim match the grille ? All matte black or all chrome ?

Remove the badging. Toyota, Corolla, Dealers name, logos the fill and paint the holes if any.

Got Tint ?

No junky car wash accessories or stickers in the windows.