How can I learn to switch lanes while driving?

Without being on an actual road? I really don't want to kill myself or anyone else :)


Your not actually going to learn how to do it until your on the highway. the best thing that i could suggest . Get yourself on an open highway like several miles from town where the traffic is not so heavy. Then just drive .you will start getting comfortable with your car .Once you have some confidence then you can pass a car or two and return to the right lane.

Signal all of your lane changes, make all lane changes gradual and smoothly.

( this will help other drivers realize your intentions ) and give them time to react if you should mess up

After a while you will know where all of the blind spots are for your car. then you will know where to look out for as you come back into town and more traffic just be patient and pay attention to what your doing, it might be best at first to have no one with you and no music ( no distractions ) until. you get good at it


umm.. go drive in a empty parking lot? LOL there's no other way besides driving with an expierenced driver who can help you look out and guide you..


you look in mirror you turn on blinker you time it you turn voted for other answer ride with another driver see how they do it


You have to be on road to learn it there is no other option.But You can sit with a expert driver and understand how he is changing lanes.


Just look if its clear go for it but if u need practice best place to learn how to is a industrial park area on the weekends.