How do you know if you're ready for the test?

How do I know if I'm ready to take my driver's permit test in GA? I've read through the manual several times, taken the practice quiz on the DDS GA site, and taken practice tests on several other sites.

For those who have already taken it(in GA) is this site accurate in their questions?

I'm over 18, would the test include questions about teen driving laws?


Took my very first test in Augusta. Don't worry yourself too much, if you

fail, then go back tomorrow and pass it. You've practiced, you're ready,

go get em`


u know ur ready when u pass the test....go take it already worst that can happen is u fail...which means u take it again.....not that big of deal...


when you drive, you have to be not bad. if you suck i wouldn't recommend taking the test yet.


If you know the book the test should be easy. You've gotta be a ruh-tard not to pass.


You'll know when the the test is over and you have passed. You are on your own, no one may help you, just like when, if ever, you are driving on your own..