I have a 95 dodge neon it is a 4 door automatic I am recently working on it as a STARTER CAR for highschool. My friend who owns a MINI COOPER is bitching at me that neons are for girls however I dont think he has any room to be talking. I plan on doing major things to it performance wise and visual wise but he says his MINI is still gona be faster so who's car is girly MY DODGE NEON or HIS MINI COOPER ? If I install a turbo, cold air intak,e and a superchip on my neon will it be faster than his MINI?


You're talking about a Machine! Your car was not designed to be male or female or for male or female drivers, it's just a car.

People that believe their cars have feelings, are male/female, give them stupid names, or believe a car can make them more or less of who they are need to stop being insecure, grow up and take owing a car more seriously.


Sounds to me like they are about equals.

They are both girly cars.....


A car is an inanimate object which has no gender.

As to which will be faster once you do things to it, that's an unknown. Go to the track and find out.


I think a mini cooper is more of a boys car. Where as I kinda agree that dodge neons are girl cars. BUT I know plenty of guys who have driven neons around before and I really never thought anything of it.


sorry to say this but a neon is a chicks car, unless its the srt4.. and dont waste your money on a neon. no he doesnt have room to talk, he is driving a mini cooper XD


if u install a turbo intake and reprogram the computer...u will have wasted a lot of money.......yes it probably will b faster than the mini...but seriously why dump that kinda cash into that car....

as for if it's a"chick" car ...not really can b depends on color isn't really considered a chick car but can b considered a "wuss" car..