Need to obtain more Plutonium for my DeLorean?

GREAT SCOTT! I seem to have run out of plutonium for my DeLorean time machine, and am not sure where to get some more! I'd rather not get it from Libyan Nationalist again because that ended with trouble :/. So, any ideas of how i can do this?


Try harnessing the power of lightning, I hear there's a storm coming up in a few days.

If not, you can always hijack a train and push your car with it. Just be sure to never return to that time/location, or they'd hang you for theft.

edit: to correct Mark, it's 1.21 gigawatts



Try a lightening bold to channel the power into your flux capacitor. I hear it can generate 100 Gigawats


Im sure Iran or North Korea could help you out. By the way, do you know a Marty McFly?