Can a person get CDL license, being an insulin dependent diabetic?

Can a person get CDL license, being an insulin dependent diabetic?


That's actually a loaded question. Yes you can get a CDL but it depends on the TYPE of Diabeties and insulin you are on.


I do not believe so.



See link to Federal Regulations, section 391.41(b)(3)…


No, not at all. I worked at a child care center where we all had to get CDLS to drive school buses. one of my co-workers was insulin dependent and had diabetes, she went to the phsyical and failed because of the diabetes. They said she was a risk.



Drivers of Class A, B, and C commercial vehicles must meet medical requirements established by the federal government and the department. The driver must file a medical report, renewable every two years, with the department and carry an approved valid medical certificate with their license.

Federal Standards

All commercial drivers who drive interstate must meet the standards of the Federal Highway Administration of the Department of Transportation as set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), Subpart E, 391.41 through 49.

Insulin-Dependent Diabetes He/she has no established medical history or clinical diagnosis of diabetes mellitus currently requiring insulin for control. The commercial driver generally is not in a position to balance dietary and rest needs. Injury, emotional stress, unrelated illness, diarrhea, vomiting, or infection may also affect control of the diabetic condition.

Additionally, residual effects of the disease may include nerve and vascular damage causing pain or numbness in the extremities and/or vision deterioration. When evaluating the condition of any diabetic, residual effects of the disease should not be overlooked. Diabetics who are well controlled with diet or oral medication usually do not pose a problem for the issuing of a commercial license. However, they too may be subject to these residual effects.

Thorough review of the entries for vision and extremities on the medical report and urinalysis is required. Indications from urinalysis of uncontrolled diabetes may disqualify an applicant from operating a commercial vehicle.

For the above stated reasons, the circumstances in which an insulin dependent diabetic may be qualified for a restricted intrastate commercial license will be very rare.

Under federal standards, a diabetic on insulin therapy, regardless of the degree of control, does not qualify for interstate driving, unless they were issued a federal waiver or exemption.

Bottom line, not likely.