My boyfriend was in a car accident should he talk the other insurance company?

Some guy rear ended his car and the back of the car is totaled so basically undriveable now we talked to our insurance company and they told us to call the guy that hit him insurance company, but everyone is saying we should be talking to the other insurance company that my insurance company should be talking to


In your policy booklet, there should be a section called Uninsured Loss Recovery. What this basically means is that if you have an accident, and it isn't your fault, your insurer will appoint a nominated solicitor to pursue the claim for you.

In the good old days, insurers would sort it out between each other, but with all the cut backs, insurers are now only dealing with the claims they have to and if it is another person's fault, they will put you in contact with the external solicitor who will recover your expenses from the other person's insurer, get the damage repaired, get compensation for your injuries and arrange a hire car.

Your insurer should have made you aware of this instead of telling you to speak to the other insurer. The other insurer cannot speak directly with you as they are bound by the Data Protection Act and you are not their customer.


1. You never speak to the other insurance company without first going over the details with your insurance company..

2. After that then you can give the other insurance your statement..

3. If your insurance company is not willing to do this, then you need to speak with a lawyer first..

4. After all is said and done you will need to get a new carrier..