Mom sold car to me. Do I have to pay NYS DMV sales tax?

My mom sold a car to me. Am I supposed to pay the New York State DMV sales tax for the purchase of the vehicle? Or because I am her child, that I am exempt from the state sales tax?

Thanks for your time!


Since she sold you the vehicle, you will have to pay the regular amount of tax that is charged by New York state. You might ask your mother to list the vehicle as a "Gift" to you instead and that might cut down the amount of tax you would have to pay. What you might do is call the DMV office and ask them what the tax rate is on a vehicle if the vehicle was a gift to you. Maybe you will get lucky and not have to pay any tax at all but don't expect that though. The DMV can tell you exactly what the tax will be on the vehicle be it a gift or not.


every one pays


Maybe look into her gifting the car to you. Were I live that would be exempt from tax.


No, but she may list the car as 'gift' on the title, and that will probably lessen the rate you have to pay.


My aunt sold me her old car. I called it a "gift" on the DMV transfer of title where the purchase price should be. If you don't do that, you must pay sales tax on the car and your mom is responsible for the income tax on the money you gave her. Tricky, huh?